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Fusion 360 Add-In

I am attempting to use Autodesk Fusion 360 for tool path generation for a CNC application.  I see in the documentation videos ( using FeatureCam that it breaks up the Setup programs into individual programs (10:00 min mark) is this due to the max number of program lines or is it by operation?  I would like to break up the operations as programs, Front, back, etc.  Is this possible or do I have to create a new setup for each?  The reason for this is to make paths for adequate collision avoidance between operations.  Additionally, I have the Program line limit set to 8000 lines and when I generate programs and export they are still 30,000 lines.  I followed this and the inline sub programs. (

Lastly, at the end of my generated lines of codeMOVE C, P(-116.367,19.654,87.630,-180.000,0.000,90.000),@P P(-116.367,19.654,87.630,-180.000,0.000,90.000), Speed=Mps(100.00)       I would like to remove the ,Speed=Mps(100.00) from generating on every line as the Denso controller does not interact well with this line of code since it does not declare acceleration/deceleration values and end up defaulting to .001 and I end up having to remove them with ctrl+F  replace all, with 30,000 lines of code this takes up to an hour to process.   Most of the work I do uses one speed and I manually add (ExtSpeed 2 , ExtAccel 100, ExtDecel 100)  that  at the start of my programs

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I figured out a solution for the Fusion 360 Exporting single programs, although it would be a great feature to add. The only help I would need is breaking down programs to no more than 8000 lines. I believe there will need to be a custom added part to the Postprocessor according to (  As I have an educational license, can I send an email for an updated postprocessor?
This might be the solution to your first program:


For the second issue, we don't have a post that split programs for the UR robot. 
You would need to create one yourself. We do not provide post-processor modifications for educational licenses. 
Splitting the program manually is also a valid solution.  

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Thank you @Jeremy

The program would be for a Denso controller, not the UR arm, That was the only example that I found that was similar. I will attempt to look at how to remedy this. I wish I had grant money to use during my Master's Degree to spend on a professional license to receive assistance, Maybe in a few months when I start my Ph.D. Are you able to guide me on what I may need to add to the post to fix the line issues?


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Can you give me a bit more information regarding your current project? What are you working on exactly?

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

I am using RoboDk as a platform for additive and subtractive manufacturing for architectural applications. One of the big issues with these applications found in most architectural settings, specifically in research, is that the projects use proprietary software or plugins for each robot such as the Kuka|PRC grasshopper plugin or the Taco or HAL plugin for ABB. My interest is using RoboDK as the platform to branch across multiple different robots and documenting a process and workflow for others to replicate. While publishing 2 articles and potentially a conference come October.
  For my master’s thesis as well as my upcoming Ph.D. at the University of Florida, as stated previously I’m additively and subtractive manufacturing in-situ elements multi-axially to create and fabricate joints in architecture.    I’m using 3d scanning and object detection to accurately map an “element” in space (for the current state of this project it is fixtured to the worksurface), import the scan in a cad program such at Rhino or Fusion360, modify the mesh and design interlocking features that will be subtractively modified  using a cnc spindle tool and Fusion360 Manufacturing tool paths. Then swap the tool head to an additive manufacturing tool head and print the inverse of the subtraction and continue printing to other objects.  I obtained a Academic Scholarship from Denso North America and they provided the Denso VS-087 at no cost to me for the remainder of my academic studies.   This is one of the first instances that the Denso is being used outside of a manufacturing environment for pick and place but the Denso team supporting me is really interested in the work that I am doing.   With all new systems there are a ton of bugs and small things to work out. Over the past 6 months I have dialed in the system fairly well between  the workflow for RoboDK and Wincaps III the largest issue that I am currently running into is the exported programming speed/accel/decel and now that I’m using Fusion360 toolpaths my programs have became 30,000 lines or more and the Denso can only process about 8-9,000 lines before the file size becomes to big (max of 600kb per file).  In the 3 Axis Robot Machining - FeatureCAM - RoboDK Add-In Video at 11:00 min mark you show the files breaking into parts and that is great and you have show me how to enable that feature and I will test it soon.  As the split large programs states with robot machining files can be thousands of lines of code and that you can use the “split large robot programs” feature and that has not worked for me. I have no problem loading multiple programs on to the controller and running everything off the Denso. But I would like to not have to split the programs manually. 
Hope this clears some things up. I love the software and for the majority of time it has worked great once if figured out some of the small issues lite the TCP flipped and so on.    (reminds me, I want to create a post about a bug where selecting curves gets tricky when there are hundreds of them. I find that the mouse and the correlated highlighted line for selection is off and I’m not sure why) I appreciate all the help and thank you for everything.

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Great, send me an email and I'll give you a hand.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel


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