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G code is not working on Reis Rl130p Cnc Base Robot

When i try to run G code with multiple commands on  Reis Rl130p Cnc Base Robot  
for example( G91
G1 X1 Y2 Z1.0
G1 X3.5 Y5.0 Z1.0)

it doesnt work it tells can't find a start point when i run a single command G1 X1 Y2 Z1.0 it actually works  what should i do to program a robot with g code is there any tutorial any example for this  or what i should do with this error?
Could you please send us a guideline for G-Code? Thank you.
We have 3 post processors that allow you to generate G-code. You may need to customize the G-code output for your controller.

More information about post processors here:

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