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Grayed out Post Processors

I suppose someone probably asked this before, but I've searched the forum and didn't found anything about this subject.

Just a curiosity, but what is about that grayed out Post Processors in the list (see attached image). Most of them are present in Posts folder, but some are not. This is a kind of roadmap for future post processors?

The white post processors are hard-coded into RoboDK software and can't be changed. The black post processors are Python based and can be customized using Python programming.

More technical information about how to customize post processors is available here:

RoboDK's efforts are focused on the Python based post processors as they can be easily customized. The white post processors at the end of the list remain there to keep backwards compatibility.

If you are starting a new project I would recommend you to use the black post processors (a black post processor should be selected by default for each robot).
Ok.Got it.

Thanks, Albert!

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