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Handling singularities in Real-Time

Hello everyone, 

I hope that you are all doing well.

I am currently working on a project involving the use of a Motion Tracker to teleoperate a real mecademic robot in real-time. While the teleoperation is functioning smoothly, I've encountered a challenge when a human operator executes a movement, leading the robot into a singularity configuration and causing it to stop.

Is there a way to implement a strategy through the API to avoid singularities, such as skipping Cartesian positions that result in a singularity. Please note that in this project, long treatment delays are not acceptable due to the real-time nature of the teleoperation.

Thank you in advance. 

Best regards, 
You can check the feasibility of movements using the API by using the functions MoveL_Test and MoveJ_Test

This example shows how to move through a set of points in a cube by prioritizing linear movements over joint movements:

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