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Hiding frames

Is it possible to hide the station reference frame, and the robot flange reference using Python? I have tried to use the setVisible() method as shown below, but it does not seem to apply to these two frames:

def makeStation():
   station = RDK.ActiveStation()
   station.setName('Student Station')
   station.setVisible(False)                               # Does not work.
   station.AddFile(PATH + 'UR5_2014350238.robot')
   ur5_2014350238_base = RDK.Item('UR5 Base')
   ur5_2014350238_base.setName('UR5_2014350238 Base')
   ur5_2014350238 = RDK.Item('UR5')
   ur5_2014350238.setVisible(True, False)                  # Does not work.
Thank you for noticing this issue, we just fixed it with the latest version:

FYI, I'm moving this thread to the bugs section

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