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How can RoboDK make "Simulation Events" work for actual robot tools?


Hi, I work with RoboDK for Motoman GP7 programming. 
As attached, I exercise with a simple pick-and-place program, including "attach/detach object" events for gripping objects.

It works very well within the OLP graphics, but I don't clearly figure out how/why the events can/cannot trigger physical grippers (i.e., synchronization with gripper piston ON/OFF) in an actual situation.

Tutorial explanations regarding programming instruction seem not enough to cover this topic. Is it required to use the RoboDK post processor or something else?
If you want to open/close a gripper, you need to know the command line required for that.
You can then go to your RDK program->Add instructions->Program call->Drop-down menu to "Insert code"->Write the command line needed.

Have a great day.

Hi, Jeremy

Thank you for your response and great help.

Per your advice, I inserted in my program the required code for Motoman hand gripper tool

(PULSE OT#(10) and (9) for ON/OFF).

Glad to know that it works if the program is exported to and loaded on the robot controller pendant through USB. 

However, it does not while in Run on Robot. "Set speed" seems not working online as well.

Could you help? I'm wondering if RoboDK can control/manage digital signals for tool manipulation.

I attach an original copy of the file and a snapshot here.


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