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How do I output a program using joint moves only - no linear or circular moves


I have an old CRS A465 robot and it does not have the circular move function (MoveC, language is RAPL-3).

It does have a follow path function which requires an array of joint moves.

Is there an easy way to output a file with only joint moves, xy points or cartesian locations?

As an Update, i just noticed that if I import a curve from solidworks I do not get curcular move, Yay.

All i need to do now is split long linear moves (MoveL) in to shorter ones.

Is there a way to limit the length of linear moves or insert a linear move between two current linear moves?

Hey @Gordax I am still learning robodk as well, but this seems close to something I have been looking at.  I was just reading about importing a fanuc file and trying to create some other curves or points.  You could try dividing a linear move up more using a point creation for the linear moves and then create more linear moves.

There's probably a better way if albert or jeremy were to respond, but that should work.

For your other question, if you were to create your path and points.  Then just be sure to use MoveJ's.  I still haven't learned the fastest way to take the custom paths like that and be sure to clear any singularities or unreachable targets.
HI Jacob,

Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it.

That code you linked to looks like it will be very useful.

You mentioned using point creation to divide up linear moves, could you please elaborate on this? Do you mean to use one of those API examples to create a point list for the whole program?

I will look into the API examples and try to nut out how to use them.

Thanks for the help

No problem, I wish my programming skills were faster!  If you already have some linear moves you should be able to convert/extract those points.  Then you can divide them into many points.  You may also be able to create points off the curve since the many stepped linear move wont actually arc.  I am not sure if there is an 3 point arc to MoveL in the api or not, but that could be another way to go if you are unable to extract points from a curve.

For the linear move dividing I believe it is example 5.4.  It also moves along point list.  Creating the points you could maybe do by making a machining project or curve follow project with your imported curve and then use a script to edit out the moveC's if any.

Another thought is that if you are able to use joint moves you could use MoveJ_Test from api to check if you break things or target is reachable instead of using MoveL's.  Pretty sure you need your part and any jigs loaded in when you go for collision detection and move testing.
Hi guys, 

I didn't go through your whole conversation, but this should help you. 
"Main menu" -> "Tools" -> "Option" -> "Program"


Note that these options will only affect the post processed program, or in fact will only be applied when the program will be post processed. 
You shouldn't see any impact directly in RoboDK. 

Hope it helps. 
Thanks Guys for your help with this issue, changing those options has split my linear moves exactly how I want. 

I really appreciate the help.


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