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How make a non parallel gripper work ?

I have modeled a non parallel gripper and i would like it to be add to the program in order to simulate it's movement can someone help,
You can create a gripper or other mechanisms by selecting Tools, then, Model Mechanism or Robot. More information here:

On the other hand, non parallel grippers are officially not supported. You could model your specific gripper by making a plugin or a custom script.
So if i want to make a gripper that rotate and closes like robotiq gripper is currently not supported?why?

i mean u guys have made an incredible work the program is amazing non the less but this little feature in my opinion is way easier than what u have done so will we be seeing the update for such feature soon?
Special grippers like the RobotiQ are very special as they have complex kinematics. This type of gripper can only be added on our end.

I recommend you to look at the Plugin Interface if you want to model grippers or special mechanisms yourself:

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