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How to add Instruction "Show Message Instruction" via Python API?

Hello everyone,

i want to create a comment in a Programm.

Via RoboDK GUI it is add Instruction "Show Message Instruction".
What is the equivalent to that as a python function?

The closest I have found is "INS_TYPE_PRINT" to find such an instruction

i hope you can help me.

best regards
Hi, you can try the runInstruction() function.
something like programItem.RunInstruction("Comment you want to add", INSTRUCTION_COMMENT) should work.
Hope that helps :)
this is a good answer,
but unfortunately not exactly the answer I am looking for.

I also have the same problem with "Simulation Event Instruction". With "INS_TYPE_EVENT" I can find it, but I can't add a new one.
You can add a message to a RoboDK Program using RunMessage:

You can find examples of event instruction in the forum, i.e.:
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Hey, I don't know if this is what you are searching for, but what at least I do if I want to show a window with a message on it is by only adding:

RDK.ShowMessage("Message you want to show")

I always put a condition before so if something happens then the Message appears.

Hope that solves your problem

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