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How to add saved contents of one station to another?

Hi, is it possible to save the contents (a robot, frames, targets, programs etc.) of a RoboDK station to a file, and then load/add it as part of another station?

My goal is to build separate robot stations, save them as a library of "substations", and be able to add them as a modular subsystem in another RoboDK station. Much like a robot/mechanism can be build and saved as a .robot file, but including any frames, targets, programs etc. that belong to it.

I found out I can manually copy-paste entire tree branches from one station to another; this is effectively what I need. But I would like it to be a more automated function, e.g. run a script, select the .rdk file of a substation and have it added to the current station.

Any recommendations?

Best regards,

You can save your station as .rdka. it can then be added to another station as a subassembly.
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Magic! Thanks so much.


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