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How to assign UFrame 9 to another number with Fanuc RJ3

I moved this post from general questions to API.
Hello RoboDK team,

I am asking here on behalf of our customer.

1.He created RoboDK program using multiple Set Reference Frame Instructions.(Plz see Photo#1)
2.Once he outputs the program, UFrame No.9 is used in two lines, resulting in overwriting.(See Photo#2)  He'd like to know whether it's possible to assign them as No. 8 and No.9 automatically instead of overwriting No. 9.
3.Editing FanucRJ3 post processor, it is possible to change the number from No.9, but we do not know how to assign them to multiple numbers.(See Photo#3

RoboDK usage environment as follows;

Ver       : RoboDK v5.2.4(64bit)
Robot   : Fanuc LR Mate 200iD
Post Processor :FanucRJ3

Look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,


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Answered here:

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