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How to attach mechanism to robot link (not tool)
I am hoping someone can direct me on how to perform the following task. I have an stl of a mechanism that I would like to attach to link 3 of my robot, so it will only move when joints 1-3 move. The goal would be to see if it will make contact with anything in the station. I have brought the mechanism into robodk and positioned it where I want to position it (see blue mechanism in attached image), but I do not know how to attach it to link 3 (or joint 3). Can I establish a reference frame on a robot joint and link it that way? Thanks!

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Hi there,

This is not a standard feature of RoboDK, but if you really need it, I think the best way would be to create a new robot starting with the 3D model of it and our "Model mechanisms and robots" feature.

This way, you will be able to add your dress pack to the part of the robot it's supposed to be attached to before creating the robot inside RDK.

If the 3D model of the robot is available, it shouldn't be too hard/long to achieve.
This YouTube video will help you with that :

You can also modify an existing robot by entering developer mode.
Right-click the robot and select "Modify robot". That should help you save a few steps. 
You can merge J3 and your mechanism before updating the robot. 

Hope it helps.
Have a great day.

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Success! Thank you!

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