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How to calculate the 3D printing filament speed

How can filament speed be assigned to sys.argv? In the event program, I can only assign the amount of filament Extruder (% 1), I cannot assign the filamnet feeding speed
The following example shows how you can calculate the filament speed based on the displacement of the TCP and the TCP speed:

The filament speed is also referred to as flow in the post processor or the documentation. Contact us by email if you would like to get access to the source code of the post processor to better customize it.
ok thank you for the answer I already have a postprocessor received for you
I modify the postroceror according to the example and not
writes me down in the general program
 self.addline ('ExtruderSpeed (%. 3f)'% extruder_signal)
ExtruderSpeed (0.667)  not ???

I have uploaded my modification
Hello !! I still haven't found out how in RoboDK I can pass information about the speed of filamnet feeding to the sys.argv variable so that I can pass it to the script.

if len(sys.argv) > 1:
E_Value = float(sys.argv[1])

How to define the speed of a filamnet in RoboDK

if len(sys.argv) > 2:
  f_value = float(sys.argv[2])
How in RoboDK using python to read information about the current speed of the robot (speed)
It is not possible to extract the current speed directly but you can calculate it in your post processor as I mentioned in my previous post:

However, if you have a robot that can control external axes you can configure your extruder like an external axis.
OK thank you for your answer
In the postprocessor I have added and nothing happens
It should add and highlight

self.addline('ExtruderSpeed(%.3f)' % extruder_signal)
However, nothing is happening

I want to download speed information in the RoboDK simulator itself to apply this python script
import sys
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
  e_value = float(sys.argv[1])

if f_value is None :
f_value = 0

f_transform = f_value * 60 * 1.5676 # mm/s in mm/min und adaptation for line crossection Q to fed filament Q/pi*(2.85/2)²
code = 'G1 xxx F' + str(f_transform)
But as I understand it there is no such possibility?
I modified the original postprocessor as in the description

I put the modification in the attachment Please see what I did wrong?
It does not print out
self.setDO(self.PRINT_E_AO, "%.3f"% extruder_signal)

self.addline('ExtruderSpeed(%.3f)' % extruder_signal)

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