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How to compensate for material thickness?

Hello from a robot newbie.

All of my cnc .nc files assume the origin is at the top of the material being machined.  My work table reference is at the top of the table.  How can I add a z-offset to account for the various thickness of my materials?
Hi Jeff, 

Simply create a new reference frame and give it the wanted Z offset.
Then in your "Robot machining project", select the new reference frame. 


Awesome, that’s simple! Also, is it possible to show the material in translucent mode to see the cut paths inside the material? This will generate collision warnings if run but for outputting a graphic for setup reasons?
Thanks again,
Hi Jeff,
You can double click the object. That will pop the "Object details" window.
Click "More options"->"Change colors".
Select the color you want translucent and adjust the Alpha channel. (0 -> Transparent, 255 -> Opaque)
For collision detection, you can modify your collision map. See this link:

Thank you,
It worked perfectly.

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