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How to get & set reference frame of a target's pose?

In the RoboDK API, how do I get and set the reference frame with respect to which the pose of a target is given?

Suppose I have a target named Tar01 which I retrieve as an item via:

tar = RDK.Item('Tar01',ITEM_TYPE_TARGET)

Then I can request its pose via:


How do I find with respect to which reference frame this pose is defined, and how can I set it to a different reference frame?

I expected to be able to use PoseFrame() and setPoseFrame(), but these appear only applicable to an item of type robot. I might be able to use the method proposed by Vineet here. In the RoboDK GUI the reference frame can simply be changed in a drop down menu ("Target position with respect to:...") from target options, so I'm looking for the API's analogy.

Best regards,

You can retrieve the parent of a target (usually the frame it is attached to) by calling Parent. 

reference = target.Parent()
print("Target attached to: " + reference.Name())

# You can also move this target to a new reference:

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