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How to increase the tree window width?

Hi, is there a display setting to change the width of the station tree window?

The width is too narrow to display the names of targets. The width seems to change dynamically when e.g. a robot panel is opened, but it's usually not wide enough. In CAD programs the width of the tree window can usually be changed by simply dragging its edge with the mouse, but this doesn't seem available in RoboDK.

You can save and close all your RoboDK Projects. Then you can go to Tools -> Plugin and you can enable Plugin UI Additions.

With the UI additions plugin loaded, is it still possible to change the background color of the tree side window, and set it to transparent?

No, it's not possible.
It's either one or the other. But the opaque one can be expended or minimized if you bring your mouse to the extreme right of the tree.

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If you prefer using the transparent one, you can use the scroll wheel while holding the ctrl key to zoom in or out on the tree.

This is not an ideal solution but might help you see the full names if they are not too long.

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