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How to manage project file dependencies?

What's the best way to manage project file dependencies? 

I'm currently making a simulation that has a few python files that are linked to each other, and when I add them to the RoboDK tree, they get renamed (typically a 1 added) and moved to Temp. This has caused frustrations as each file can't find each other as they have both been moved and renamed. This has resulted in situations where I have to fix same typo 5 times, because the source files are not updated.

What's a better approach? 

Is it possible to use any Make build automation tools? 

I'm not the biggest fan of python and wouldn't mind learning the C++ api/plug in interface if those are more ideal for that approach.
If you use a Python scripts directly from the RoboDK tree it won't be seen as a Python module. Instead, it is temporarily saved in a temporary file for file modifications and execution.

If you want to create your own Python modules and use them from RoboDK I recommend you to place them in the folder:
This path is automatically added as the Python path by default when you use Python from RoboDK. You can simply add them to the Python install directory.

Alternatively, you can use any other development environment (such as simply using a text editor and your own project structure). The RoboDK API for Python works the same way if you use it externally (not from a Script made inside RoboDK).

For example, when you build your own application based on the C++ API you'll create an executable that will start RoboDK. In the case of the Plug-in interface you'll be creating a DLL that is loaded by RoboDK on startup.

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