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How to remove program calls in generated programs


I am Farhan. i want to export the program from roboDK. i use motoman SIA 10D with DX100 as controller and motoman as post processor. i wanna export my program and when it exported, the program contains CALL syntax. how do i setting roboDK so it coludnt generate program with CALL syntax? i tried it to remove it manually in program but it went error.

here, i capture from program and attach some of my programs
i already set tool ID and RPM to blank

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If you change your program events of your robot machining project you should select Update to update the programs in RoboDK. Then, you should generate the programs again to see the changes in your program files.
i already did it. update the program and generate it again. but the programs after update still have CALL syntax
You may have changed the default Program Events settings for new projects. You should edit the Program events for your robot machining project:
  1. Double click on your robot machining project
  2. Select Program Events
You can find more information here:

i solve this problem.
Thank you very much, Albert.
Great, thank you for your feedback.

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