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How to turn the knife along the path?
Hi Jeremy,

Expecting solution for 1 and 2

4. Yes, I am using driver for that too. As the robot is not with me, I will share the exact error soon.
Hi Vignesh,

1 - Pause(-1) will kill the process from the controller's perspective. Your best bet is to bring a message box in RoboDK from Python and ask the user to press "Ok" to relaunch the process.

2 - We will improve the error message here to clearly specify that this command isn't supported on the driver. As mentioned before, it's logically impossible to use rounding with the driver.

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Hi Jeremy,

1. How it is possible to get message box from python if I am running RoboDK in silent mode. Also In silent mode, pause(-1) has no effect, it is not pausing.
Even If I give pause(<some millisecond>), pausing time is not exact of what time I give. Is there anything that varies the time?

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