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Import Curves

I know that Curves can be imported into RoboDK from a CSV file or a text file, but if I build a toolpath in matlab, can it be imported into RoboDK for simulation?
The same way you can load a CSV file in RoboDK you can load it using AddFile through the Matlab API:
By default, RoboDK will load CSV files as a curve and TXT files as points.

Once you have the list of points or curve in Matlab you can use AddMachiningProject to quickly create a robot simulation/program from your points:

Another option is to import points one by one as targets. This example may help:
However, if you are planning to import thousands of points this may be a bit slow in Matlab.

(I'm moving this thread to the API section)
If I want to add c#API to the list of curves and points in the CSV file, do I still need to modify the python file in (RoboDK\Library\Macros)?
I don't know how to use this example in the API? Do you have some example code could provide me with a reference?
Yes, you may have to customize the Python or Matlab code provided examples to achieve a customized behavior. The examples I provided in my previous reply will give you an idea of how you can import a list of points in a CSV file into RoboDK. Once these points are imported in RoboDK you can simulate it and generate programs.

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