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Import/Export Programs via API


I'm using the C++ API to controll the RoboDK from an external application.
As an example, I used the c++ example from the gitlab project

I would have some question about the API because I was not able to solve this using the documentation. 

- Is there a posibility to import/export programs (not as robot specific program) via the API? 

- Who is it possible to get the values of non-movement instructions within a program ? (Item::Instruction(...) only returns types and positions but no values for speed- or wait-instructions) 

- What shoud be inside the matrix of the Item::InstructionList(tMatrix2d m) method? (because it's everytime empty) 

Attached you find a very small robodk project with one program inside which I want to export and later import via the API. 

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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Hi Leo,

If you want to generate a generic program you can use a neutral post processor such as the CSV post or a Gcode post. This will generate a generic program with all the information needed. We'll soon add a post that automatically creates a Python script that can be run in simulation.

You can change instruction parameters as shown in this example:

We just added support for this so make sure to upload RoboDK. Also, the Python API uses a dictionary to get/set values, with the C++ API you'll need to use a JSON string instead.

InstructionList is a bit outdated but should work. It will provide a large array describing the program as a 2D matrix.

Hi Albert, 

thank you for your response. 

Exporting a program using the CSV Post Processor worked very well using the UI. 
But is it possible to change the Post Processor using the C++ API? 

I saw the python example: 

robot = RDK.ItemUserPick("Select a robot", ITEM_TYPE_ROBOT)

# Set the robot post processor (name of the py file in the posts folder)
robot.setParam("PostProcessor", "Fanuc_RJ3")
But in C++, the RoboDK_API::Item has no setParam method. 

Is it possible to later import the same file again? 

Regarding get/set values using json string: do you have an example or documentation for that? 

BR, Leo 
Hi Leo,

Yes, it is possible to change the post processor via the API. You'll find the setParam function for items available in the latest version of the C++ API on GitHub:

Importing program files such as LS files may work but you may loose information depending on the syntax you are using.

The example I provided includes an example using a dictionary in Python (it is automatically converted to a JSON string behind the scenes). You can do so in C++/Qt using a QJsonDocument.

Hi Albert, 

with the new update I'm now able to set the post processor for an item (program) using "item.setParam(...)". 
Thank you. 

But I can't find the regarding getting method to read the current selected post processor 
-> there is no "item.getParam(...)" method defined. 
Could you add this method to the C++ API? 

Regarding importing a program: 
I would use the same syntax as it exports using the CSV Post Processor. 
Is there a method/way to import this file? Or is it only possilbe manually? 

Could you provide a link to the example you mentioned (importing a program via python dictionary)? 

Hi Leo,

It is already possible to retrieve the current post processor.
Simply pass an empty string to the Post Processor parameter

post_selected = robot.setParam("PostProcessor")

@Phillip created a post processor that may help you (attached). This post will generate a Python program as if you created it using the RoboDK API. You can reload your original program in RoboDK or move your robot using drivers.

Hi Albert, 

thank you for your help so far. 

Could you reattach the mentioned post processor from Phillip? 
You last post has no attachments. 

BR, Leo
Hi Leo,

Sorry, I missed the attachment.


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