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Import/Export RoboDK user settings

As described in the documentation most of the configuration is saved in the user account.
Can more of the settings be moved to the station file instead?

E.g. we have a lot of settings change regarding CAD/CAM/Program.
To make an easy integration from plugins. But when we update RoboDK, use another computer or switch between stations and plugins. We need a separate document to guide us to set up RoboDK correct before importing.
This would be really good if this was just stored in the station file instead.

"Most of the settings are stored in the computer’s user account. Changing the user account will not keep the changes applied to these settings. As an exception, the Station settings and the station parameters (available in the General tab) are stored with each Station (RDK file)."

Regards Bjarke
It is currently not possible to save user settings with the RDK project file.

However, you can export/import user settings as a ZIP file by using these scripts:
Ok. This could make it a bit easier..
Is there a way to get RoboDK to run a script when you open a station and closing automatically?
It is not possible to trigger a script when you open or close a station using the default version of RoboDK.

However, you could implement this functionality with a plugin. More information here:
Sometimes the smallest things never gets the attention that it should...
Now i got the time to get this to work. And the export part works fine.

But the import... if i run it from a scrip in RoboDK it will not update the settings... I need to close down and the run the C:/RoboDK/
then when i open RoboDK the settings are correct.

Can i force this to be update from scrip started in RoboDk so i don't have to open and close?
Yes this is possible. You should be able to reload all user settings from INI files by calling this command:
RDK.Command("Settings", "Load")
So you should first update the corresponding files, then trigger loading the settings through the API.
Thank you, this works perfect!

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