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Import Large CAD file robot station


I'm having a problem with importing large CAD files. I have a .iges file. A fully designed workstation (screw machine, conveyor, table etc) and I want to import this in RoboDK to add the robot and start programming. The file size of the .iges is 500mb. After a while the file is imported in RoboDK but e.g. rotating takes forever. i have a pretty good laptop assembled for professional use (I7, 8gb ram etc.). Is there workarround or am I doing something wrong?

Kind regards,

I recommend you to change this setting to import 3D CAD models faster (such as STEP or IGES files):
  1. Select Tools-Options
  2. Select the CAD tab
  3. Click on Fast Import settings. This will set the Linear/Angular accuracy (in mm and deg) to 5 mm and 5 deg or so.
  4. Reload your 3D model again so the mesh is lighter
You can find more information here:

You can use an add-in such as the simplify mesh Add-in to RoboDK to simplify any the 3D model:
This will speed up simulations, the render time and optimize the file so it is lighter.

Also, sometimes the loaded geometry may be duplicated and you can clean the geometry manually as well.
Hello Albert,

thank you for your explanation. I've tried the "fast import settings". Still a very large and slow file.
I'll PB you the download link for the files.

Kind regards,

Hi StijnM,

What's the file size?

Here's what you can do. Open a new station.
"Tools"->"Options"->"Display"->"Display text on screen" -> Enable "Render time"
You will see the FPS count bottom left of your screen. (This is just to see improvements)

Import the file with the fast-import settings.
Try to move the object/view and look at the frame count. (FPS)
Double-click the part.
"Object panel" to your right.
"More Option" -> "Change color"

The numbers on the colors represent the number of polygons that need rendering.
The hight the number, the bigger the wait.

Sometimes you will find one color (generally grey) that has more polygons than the rest.
This is often because surfaces were imported twice.
I recommend clicking the color and dropping the Alpha channel to 0.
You will see if this removes or reveals details.
If those surfaces were not needed you can go back to the "Change colors" window, right-click the color and "Delete mesh".
Get rid of any unnecessary color/polygons.

Close this window and see if it made a difference to the frame count (FPS).

If it's still heavy,
Enable "Don't display object smaller than" and try with a value below 1.5%.

If it's still heavy,
"Display performance" -> "Simplify Objects" -> "Select the object".

Let me know if it helped.

The size of the file I'm trying to load is 512MB. I already exported the separate elements as .ply files and imported them separately. This already helped.

I'll check the settings tomorrow at work. Today I did the following which also already helped a little:
right mouseclick on the desktop -> NVIDIA control panel -> Manage 3D settings -> Program settings -> select program to customise -> add -> RoboDK

Select the preferred graphic processor:
High performance NVIDIA processor

Apply settings.


Hi Jeremy,

I've tried your options, The effect is minimal. However If I set all the imported 3D objects to invisible except the one I'm working on it can be done.

Thank you for your explanation.



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