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Import Procedure from ABB RAPID Program

Hi ,

Is there a way to import an ABB RAPID program into RoboDk and translate it to Fanuc TP program??

The RAPID program is only Move instructions and arround 100 robtargets.

Thanks in advance
Hi Mamara,

This is not an officially supported feature, so we cannot guarantee any results, but you can still try.
Start by creating a station with the ABB robot and the TCP used in the program to import.
Drag and drop the .mod in RoboDK.
You should be able to retrieve the movements and possibly the targets.
If only the movements appear, select all the movement, right click and "Select targets".

Then, make sure to have your Fanuc robot in your local library (if you downloaded it once, it should be there).
Right click the ABB robot, select "Replace robot" and select your Fanuc robot.

You should then be able to post process the program to an .LS file.
Follow this link to learn how to compile the .LS file to a .TP file.


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