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Import points and let e.g. a cube/AGV/step file follow that path?

Hi RoboDK. 

So I was looking in your article regarding importing of points.

But, I wanted to make a "AGV" path, and then let e.g. a cube/AGV/stepfile follows that path doing simulation. 

Would that be possible or is the import points only for simulating a robots TCP path?

So I saw this article: and that seemed pretty nice with your stacked "mechanisms". But how should I then make a simple program, where the Cube/AGV goes like this: 

1) Start in origin
2) Translate in X only
3) Rotate on the spot for e.g. 20 degree
4) Translate in X with the 20 degree offset

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.rdk   AGVtest.rdk (Size: 2.43 KB / Downloads: 227)
it's not possible right now.

We have a feature for AVG coming out in the near future (one mechanism with XYZ and rotZ). I will see if we can use it with Curve Follow Project.

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