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Import robot programs from controller to RoboDK

Hi guys,
I wonder is there any possibility to import program witch was done online directly to RoboDK? I can't found any option in the interface.

Best regards
Hi Piotr,

RoboDK supports some robot programs in simple formats, such as MOD/PRG files for ABB, JBI for Motoman, LS for Fanuc, SRC for KUKA, script for UR, etc. You'll be able to extract the robot movements.

Ok, but how can I do that? In the machining project? I try to import program done in RoboDK,  I saved it, and then export to RoboDK to check if it will work but it doesn't. Can you send me a simple program for KUKA witch can be imported to RoboDK? In attachment my code witch I want to import.

Best regards,

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Oh, I checked it more precisely and now I see that I can import robot programs to RoboDK simply using File -> Open. I had thought that it isn't soo easy. Thanks for help.

Best regards,

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