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Importation limits
Dear RoboDK Staff,

Is RoboDK designed to import also "heavy" CAD files?

For example, I'm trying to import  a file .step of 24 MB as assembly and I'm having problems... Is this kind of operations out of RoboDK's potentiality? If so, is there an (approximate) limit to the size of CAD files to be imported?

Thank you in advance

When you import STEP or IGES files they are triangulated. If the files are complex it might slow down the load time.
To make it faster you can reduce the quality of the imported surfaces by following these steps:
1-Select Tools->Options
2-Select CAD
3-Increase the Linear/Angular accuracy (in mm and deg). Set to 4.0 or higher.
Dear RoboDK staff,

thank you for the suggestion.


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