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Importing Curves from Solidworks (normal vector probelm)

Hello everybody,

Sometimes, I am experiencing some issues with normal vector on the surface if there is a "bigger" change in the angle of the vector. 

My workflow:
I drawn the curve on the surface, selected "Import Curves", select the curves and the surface behind the curve so the normal vector could be imported.

Please see the attachment, only one part of one imported curve has "wrong" normal vector. It looks like it was sort of "interpolated"

Is there any way of avoiding this problem? I usually extract the curve in a lot of small curves that I separately import in RoboDK and then I have to do a lot of "Curve follow projects" but it is a bit time consuming so I need some help :)

Thank you very much!
Kind regards,

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Have you played with different settings on the Solidworks Plugin? There is a setting called "Mix Normals Tolerance" which might solve your problem.

By the way, you do not have to create a curve follow project for every curve you have, you can select multiple curves with a simple curve follow project by clicking on them consecutively.
Hi Alex,

the parameter "Mixed Normal Tolerance" is 0,1mm.

I can check it with another number but I taught that it doesnt matter because my problem is the angle of the vector and not milimeters :) I'll let you know if it made some enhancement.

Kind regards,
The Mixed Normal Tolerance will affect how "far" the plugin looks on the surface to define the proper normal for the extracted point.
Try making it 0,01 or 0,001.

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