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Install-Repair-Uninstaller damaged/uncomplete


I have contacted customer service but it takes time to get help so i will try to ask here to. On my macbook pro I am having a problem with searching and selecting a path to the Python interpereter. When i click on the folder that should open so that i can search and choose a path it will not show. I first thought this was an issue with the app so i wanted to uninstall and reinstall the app. But it says that the uninstaller is "damaged or uncomplete". So the question is how do i uninstall the app without having the uninstaller?


  1.  Choosing correct path for python interpereter, "search files won't show" i have allowed the app full access of disk files..
  2. Uninstalling app when uninstaller is damaged, you can see in the pic below that the icon on the uninstaller has a white "stopsign" mark over.

Please help me.

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We'll take a look at the issue with selecting the Python interpreter path. In the meantime, you can manually copy/paste the path.

You can simply delete the RoboDK folder and RoboDK App and it should have the same effect as uninstalling it.

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