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Installation Files for UR

Is a UR installation file something that is able to be exported/generated via the RoboDK system?  I see a TCP set line in the .urp, but is there any post processor that also creates a full installation file?
With RoboDK you can obtain a script program file and/or a URP file that you can load on your robot. More information here:

What do you mean by a UR installation file?
In the UR system all of the system configuration data is stored in what is termed an "Installation" file.  Essentially the installation file houses the overall configuration info for the program, TCPs, robot orientation info, I/O designators, safety system info, UR cap info.....

The installation file can be reused by multiple programs so if you are setting up multiple systems that info is replicated through the installation file.

From what I have seen so far in RoboDK most of the info is handled in lines of code as needed in the program or the script code.

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