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Is RoboDK v3.6 integrated with collision detection while path planning?
I am new to RoboDK and I came across 3.6 version where it is said that PRM is added for collision detection. I am trying to a motion planning algorithm which can detect collisions while planning the path and same time control cartesian velocity. Please guide me.

To activate the automatic collision avoidance features you should select:
  1. Tools - Plug-Ins
  2. Load Plug-In
  3. Select CollisionFreePlanner.dll
You should then have the features from the collision free planner (PRM features). This plugin should be loaded by default.

If you don't see the Load Plug-In option in the Tools menu you should update RoboDK to the latest version.
Sorry I am new to RoboDK , you mean to suggest it considers collisions like ROS Moveit while planning a path with movep() or movel() command while moving from one point to another point by adding the plug-in.

I can see check collisions under tools but there is no option of plugins . Is this collision detection dynamic or static? I mean to ask does it detect only collisions with objects loaded in the simulation or when object comes in collision in real robot in real environment? I tried giving point inside an box object. It moves to the target point without considering collisions . Do I need to add a check mark on collision detection or something?
You can activate collision checking using:
Tools-Check collisions

You should also define your collision map settings here:
Tools-Collision map

More information here:

You can check collisions dinamically if you are connected to the robot, however, you'll detect a collision when the robot is already collided. It is better to anticipate collision by running a simulation first or by using the automated/collision-free path planning (PRM) new feature. More information here:

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