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Joints go offset


I have MyCobot Pi 320 model. I inserted the parameters stipulated by the company but J2, J3, J4, and J6 don't work.
I attached my model, parameters, and an example of how it goes offset when I try to move any of the joints mentioned above.

What am I doing wrong?

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.rdk   Simulation MyCobot pi.rdk (Size: 1.94 MB / Downloads: 213)
The virtual base of the robot was too high in the model.

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.robot   myCobot-320-Pi.robot (Size: 993.85 KB / Downloads: 220)
Thank you so much! I appreciate your help. Can you tell me what did you exactly do so I can apply it in the future to any other robot?
I think he simply moved the base so that it matches the physical base of the robot.
In other words, lower "Frame 1".

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