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KRC4 Velocity assignment

Having trouble assigning LIN and PTP Velocity on KRC4 kuka robot. Ive even tried changing them in the VSCodium after I "generate robot program". All looks well until I run the robot pgm, and both movement velocities are at 100% (PTP) and 1m/s (LIN).  At this point, the only way i can change them is by (after loading them into my controller) selecting, changing and accepting changes. 

*using KUKA KRC4 DAT post processor*
You should sure you specify the speed in your program to see the program instructions that set the TCP speed. More information here:

If this is not the issue it would help if you can provide us with your sample RDK project and program files.
Im able to use the "set speed" instruction with no issue (for Lin movements anyway, still unclear how to set the PTP movement as a percentage variable,  in which kuka pgm ask for)
The image shows how the velocities are changed when sisplayed in the pgm (using set speed in RoboDK), but when go to change the velocity, (even though it states 0.005m/s) the actual robot speed is for all points are set at 0.001 when you open line for change.  Ive attached both .src and .dat files for examples.  [Image: CLUU-TnA6zxYColiNmI2AtXVBcuKiOZRRB_G7aE_...authuser=0]

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