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Kinova Gen3 Post Processor


I have generated the robot program with the Post Processor Kinova and it generates a Python program,

The Kinova web application offers me the possibility of importing files but I think it only works with .XML or .JSON

Could you tell me how to generate a valid program for Kinova Gen3?

Currently we cannot generate programs for the kinova web interface, we generate a python program that uses their api to stream the data to the controller. The appears to be no documentation for the json or xml format that it uses. If you generate a few simple movement programs by hand and a program that uses all the commands available and send the exported json and xml files we will try and create a new post processor for that format.

You put the files as attachment to a forum post or send them in a direct message.
Thank you
Hi Phillip,

The programs in the DropBox link are the ones found in the robot's memory by default, I send you a photo of the gripper,

If you need anything else tell me

We'll try making a post matching the format you provided but this may take some time.

For the time being, the current implementation of the post and driver should be working or easy to fix if you have any problems. Did you test it?

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