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Linear-Rail - Kuka Robot - 3D-Printing

Hello everyone,
I would like to print several 3D objects using the KUKA KR 270 R2700 ultra.

The 3D objects are not all accessible for the Kuka robot, so I have a linear rail.

For this I have a linear rail that is 4000 mm long. how is possible to connect the Linear-Rail to the robot that it will automatically walk on the Linear-Rail and reach all the points.

I've seen several videos on Youtube that explain linear rail but didn't work for 3D printing tasks.
Please for solution!

You should be able to synchronize the robot arm with the linear axis as one unit by following these steps:
  1. Select Utilities
  2. Select Synchronize External Axes
  3. Select the robot arm and the rail
  4. Select OK
You should see additional settings in your 3D printing projects to define the behavior of the robot and external axes and prioritize the movement of axes.

More information here:

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