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Live robot does not move with RoboDK simulation

Robot: UR10e

I have been able to connect to the robot with an ethernet cable and "Get Position", move the simulator to match the robot's position, and also select to a target, click "Move Joints" and the live robot moves to that position. However, when I run a program in RoboDK, the live robot does not follow along. It only responds when I click on "Move Joints" and only moves to that position in the program close to where the simulator was at the time of the click. As the simulation runs, the following messages appear along the bottom of RoboDK.

1. Program socket_send_int (MSG_ACKNOWLEDGE) does not exist. Skipping function call.
2. Program DriverRoboDK finished (path length 0.0mm, program time 3.0s)
3. Program thread Thread_movel_search: does not exist. Skipping function call.

The connection status alternates between green "Ready" and yellow "Working". It seems that even when I pause the simulation, that the status continues alternating between ready and working. Any ideas on what's going on?

Attached is a screenshot of my program


On the Teach Pendant, I have set to Remote. The program shows as "Running" on the Run tab, but the robot is not moving. Are there perhaps other settings in the robot itself that I need to adjust to allow the robot to run controlled by the simulator? Thanks for any insight into what's going on!
This morning I am getting the following message at the bottom of RoboDK while the simulation is running and the live robot is not moving:

1. Program M_RunCode (3) does not exist. Skipping function call.

As the simulation is running, when I click on Move Joints, the live robot moves to the defined point at the time of the click, and the simulation stops running.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this message and issue? Thanks!

Also, when I "Send Program to Robot", it appears that something is executing and the connection in RoboDK disconnects, but on the robot, when I try to load the program, the file is empty.

Perhaps there is a problem with the Robot driver I am all of the documentation I have seen there is a "Move Linear" button next to the "Move Joints" button in the Connection Panel. On my computer, there is no "Move Linear" button...not sure if mine is an an older or newer version of the driver. I just installed RoboDK 6 weeks ago and have thought I have the latest version of everything.
I don't think it's an issue related to RoboDK's or the Driver's version.
I'm not aware of major modifications to the UR driver in the last month.

A little summary of the situation.
1 - You can connect and retrieve the robot position
2 - You can move the robot using the "Move Joint" button
3 - You can't run a program
4 - You receive some warnings about "Skipping function calls."

3 - Did you try to run a simple program without any subprogram? Just a simple "Set tool", "Set frame" and a few movements (a few MoveJ followed by a few MoveL).
4 - Some functionality you can find in RoboDK aren't transferable through the driver. Some other thread on the subject of custom function call through the driver of UR exists on the forum if it's required for your project.
Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

Thank you for your response. I created a toolpath in Mastercam, and I used the RoboDK tool in Mastercam to send a very simple 3-axis trim path to RoboDK. But you are right...I should start simple.

There are several things that are occurring that I don't understand.

1. In my Connection to UR10e panel, why is there no "Move Linear" button? All of the documentation and videos I've seen have this.
2. When I sent the above described program to the robot, it is completely empty. It seems to simulate ok in RoboDK

I will attempt to create a simple program in RoboDK and see if I can make the robot move. Thanks.

Yes, I can create simple program in RoboDK and the live robot follows. So the problem must lie in the process of Mastercam import...I will try to make a very simple toolpath in Mastercam and try to import cleanly into RoboDK...Thanks!
The fact that you don't see a "Move Linear" is normal.
It was removed at some point from this interface. I can't remember why.

But in any case, I don't think that establishing a live connection between the robot and RoboDK is your best bet.
Using the driver is good for the development of a new program, for probing with the robot (define TCP, define frame, etc), or for vision-related projects, but using the driver will prevent you from having a smooth path or fluid motion. The robot will stop at each point. This is especially problematic if you use an NC program as a starting point.
There's many threads on the subject.

You should generate the .scrip file instead using "right-click"->"Generate robot program".
That will created a .URP and a .script file. You need to load both to the controller.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

I realize now that I was trying to execute arcs, including arc lead ins, etc. so I have changed these to splines. This then allowed a valid import into RoboDK and the live robot now follows along with the simulation. Thank you!

So my next question is: To trace around a 6" dia circle with a .001" tolerance creates a toolpath with over 130 points. These are interpreted as linear moves, and the robot attempts to stop and start with each move, making a very jerky toolpath. I attempted to make circular moves between the target points for each move, but it didn't work. Are there smoothing parameters that would smooth out a toolpath like this? Can you tell me how and where to access these? Thanks for any help here.

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You should be able to use Circular motion, simply not in relative motion.
So quickly what is your license status? Do you own a professional license? Are you evaluating it?

UR robots are very capricious in therm of smooth motion. If the points are too close to one another, there is no way to get a smooth motion. The point shouldn't be closer than 1 mm (even that is a lot for cobots in general). You should look for other posts on the subject, there's a lot of information regarding this topic specifically for UR on the forum.
Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

    Hi Jeremy,

We own a professional license.

I have produced several simple programs in Mastercam that import into RoboDK but have some issues.

1. None of the toolpaths start and/or finish at X0Y0Z0 in Mastercam, and yet these moves are being inserted during the transfer to RoboDK. I don't know if this is caused by a setting in Mastercam or if it is added in RoboDK. I have to manually delete several points at the beginning and end of the programs so the robot won't crash. Can you tell me why this is happening?

2. I have created a simple toolpath plunging 1" to Z0, moving in a straight line for 6", then lifting up; just a 6" line in Mastercam. When I attempt to transfer to RoboDK, it warns "there are no surfaces on the screen or none have been selected" and the transfer fails. Is it not possible to send simple wireframe toolpath of points, lines and/or arcs etc. directly to RoboDK without a surface model? why am I getting this error?

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