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Looking to buy program.

I am looking into purchasing this program. I am mainly going to be using it to learn more and practice programing Fanuc Robots. Does this program have the ability to use a simulated TP like the Fanuc TP? Will I be able to download Fanuc programs and use this to edit? I asked RoboDK this before I make my decision and I was referred to this Forum. I would greatly appreciate any help.
Hi Chanmdsn,

RoboDK has the ability to generate .LS and .TP files.
You can import .LS files to retrieve motion commands and positions.
You can't import .TP files as those are compiled and can only be opened by RoboGuide.

For more details related to RoboDK and Fanuc, you can take a look at this section of the online documentation:

Hope it helps.
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