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Low cost education robot


i have previously posted about my project to try and integrate the Mover6 robot into ROBODK. unfortunately i have not received anything back that can be of use from the manufacturer of the arm so i am trying to look at this from a different angle.

Are you able to advise me on a entry level low cost robot that is integrated with robodk already? that i may be able to purchase?

Also, i have thought about removing the chip from the Mover6 robot and connecting the motors on the robot arm to a arduino board with drivers. are you able to advise me if this could be an easier route than trying to get the configuration of the mover6 to work with robodk? i seem to be having issues with the PCAN-usb configuration.
You can find the Mover6 in our online robot library:

You can also browse alternative by using a small payload range:
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