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        I have two options to choose a post processor, but only one works.
on the second print is possible to see the post processors MOTOMAN available for me, one i can modify but the programs generated DO NOT WORK  ( see attached donotwork)

the first one makes programs that the robot works  but i can not find where it is to modify. (see attached WORKS)

the second one i reach from the add/edit post processor, and i can edit  ( but the programs do not work) 

the first one i reach from the select post processor, but i can NOT EDIT  ( but the programs generated worked on the robot) 

i would like to modify the second one, or the have the first one igual to the second one generating programs that work and that i can modify
Only Python post processors can be modified (the first type). The second type of post processors can't be modified.

What issues do you have with the first post processor? We can help you solve this. You can also take a look at the header of the post processor. You'll find some configuration variables that will help you customize program output.

Also, I recommend you to take a look at the following link where it shows how to modify post processors:
Hi Albert,

This thread explain the problems faced by 2m3d.


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