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MOTOMAN sub programs must start from point 0

I am working in a 3D printing process.

my problem is to generate the subprograms necessary duet to number of point

When i  put a limit for the number of lines  on a program, the first subprogram created automatically works fine, but the  others do not work.

the robot gives me a message "undefined robot position variable" error 0040.

because the numeration of the points continues from the first program.

but the motoman sub programs  MUST start always from point C00000 

how can i do do that?

also the after the second subprograms ALL POSITION are wrong, because it it necessary to say in any subprograms the references that the robot must work, in the first program is written:

///TOOL 9
///TOOL 9
///RCONF 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

BUT this line do not appear on the subprograms,  how can i do make i appear???
What post processor are you using to generate your programs for 3D printing?
This behavior shouldn't happen with the default post processor for Motoman robots:
You probably generated the program using Motoman's "Relative Job" option which outputs the targets in Cartesian coordinates. The post called "Motoman Using Options" takes this into account by default.

I can see an issue though, you didn't define the pulses/degree ratio. This needs to be done in the robot parameters section. More information here:
You can also customize this output in the post processor.

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