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Make a loop - roboDK

I would need help from someone who knew how to call a program in Robodk, to run the program from a starting point that is different each time. It would be to make a loop but start it from different positions and that the values of the points that this program runs through were the same but with respect to the initial point of origin.
You can call a program that set a new origin before calling the main program, that way the targets will be relative to the new origin. See the attached example.

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.rdk   TargetsExample.rdk (Size: 484.7 KB / Downloads: 376)
Thank you very much!! Another question I have... is there an option to automatically create the new frame displaced every time you run the program "Prog.1"? I need to run "Prog.1" many times and I don't want to have to create hundreds of frames.
Using the Python API would be the way there.

You can create all your frame and automatically create the main program exactly as Oliver did.

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Thank you very much!!

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