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Matching Print Reference Frame accurately to physical printing surface
HI There,

Perhaps I have missed something in the documentation, but what is the easiest way to synchronize the virtual 3d print reference frame with the actual print surface accurately. I think that I am ok with the setting of the TCP for the extruder but just wondered about the above.

If you have a link to a video tutorial or something similar that would be great.

The other issue that I have is that only on first startup with a new test cell for 3D printing, the initial positioning movement of the robot is extremely fast....then on subsequent runs the robot moves to the start position in a controlled fashion...what am I doing incorrectly ??

Your help with these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Hi Andy,

Did you take a look at this section of the documentation?

That should give you the info you need.

For the second problem, did you set a speed limit to your first movement?
I have to admit that I'm never seen the problem you are exposing there.


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