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Meca500 Simulation Synchronization

We have generated a raster scan of a curved shape using the Solidworks plugin to create a curve-follow that works great in simulation and when run on the robot (Mecademic Meca500).  However, when we run the simulation and the robot at the same time we begin to see unusual disparities between the two.  The first combination simulation + run on the robot works roughly as expected.  During any subsequent runs the simulation rapidly completes while the robot executes at a normal pace.  Normally the scan takes 30 seconds - 1 minute to complete, but the simulation usually completes in 5-10 seconds after the first run.

We also see something very similar if we have two curve-follow programs in serial as part of a larger program.  The first curve-follow executes in similar times on the robot and in the simulation, but the second curve-follow executes in on a fraction of the time of the real robot (5 seconds versus 45 seconds).
In the upper toolbar, what is the simulation speed / simulation ratio on the first and second pass?
Set it to 1 and check if it changes.

What version of RoboDK are you using?
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It is set to 1.  The version number is 5.4.3.

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