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Modbus communication and command sending

Hello RoboDK community,

I would like to do modbus communication to be able to send commands to my laser which will be the effector linked to a UR10.

Is there a way to do this through RoboDK?

I am attaching a small documentation on the laser used.

Thank you very much,
There is no file attached.

What you need to figure out first, is what line(s) of "script" (UR programming language) you need to do the Modbus communication.

You can then add it as "Insert code" using the "Program call/Insert Code" program instruction or via a Curve Follow Project "Program Events" panel.

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Hello Jeremy,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

You will find attached the document missing in the previous mail.

To activate a laser input, you have to send a command from the Robot (in our case the UR10) via a MODBUS TCP/IP communication. So to automate all this with RoboDK, we need to insert some code in the relevant part of our program.

The question is: how to translate this command, which libraries will be used, ....?

Thank you very much,

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