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Model Mechanism or Robot

Hi there!
I am new on the forum and also as a RoboDK's user!
I am working on my last paper and I would like to know if someone could help me to use the command Model Mechanism or Robot.
I have a cell with some robots and a turntable. My doubt is how to create the turntable's kinematic and how to synchronize it with the robot's command (pick and place).
I have tried to use the command Model Mechanism or Robot but, I could not figure out how it works and why it creates a new object.

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.rdk   CELL.rdk (Size: 1.76 MB / Downloads: 669)
You should select:
  • Utilities-Synchronize External Axes

More information here:
Thank you very much Albert!

It seems to be the solution to put the table sync with the robot. How about the configurations on the Model Mechanism or Robot's screen, could you help me to figure out how it works?


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Hi there, by looking at both pictures you sent, you seem to already have it right.

What is the result when you apply those settings?

You can also joint the .rdk file.

Hello Jérémy!

Following the file in RoboDK.

(04-18-2019, 02:37 PM)horganman Wrote: i never know the use of adobe shadow until i saw this post. thank you for this! this is very helpful. <a href="">Driving Lessons Citywest</a>

Hello horganman,
I did not get it! What are you talking about?

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.rdk   CELL.rdk (Size: 1.76 MB / Downloads: 715)

There is your cell with the rotative axis added. 
You can reverse engineer what I did to make sure that everything is set according to your needs (I didn't have the dimension, therefore I guessed the position of the center of the axis.)

Have a great day. 

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.rdk   CELL_Rot_axis.rdk (Size: 2.07 MB / Downloads: 1,210)

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