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Modify flange Pose on Motoman HC10


When retrieving the pose from the robot base to flange, I find that the RPY values are incorrect (XYZ are correct), and I found that the robot I have uses a Pose that is 180 deg off on the Z-axis compared to roboDK. Is there a way to adjust this in roboDK other than creating a tool with the correct the settings and transform the coordinates? I have attached two pictures that might be of help to understand the issue.

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If you want to rotate the base frame you can select Parameters and rotate the Z axis of your base frame pose. As shown in this image:

Do you know if this applies to all HC10 robots?
But is there a way to move the flange CS? In my simple mind if i can move the flang

I have the same issue, i have a Siemens 840D Sinumerick running a Kuka KR240. If i move the base as suggested the virtual robot does not match the cell layout. The tool is relative to the flange, i have a offset in the machine parameters on the 840D. I think i need the flange CS in DK to match the actual MC Parameters. I have -90 flip on $MC_ROBX_TFLWP_RPY1 and a 230mm linear offset as seen in the screen shot.

Is there a way to connect to a Sinumerick 840D yet? It would be fantastic if i could connect to the robot and then....I do have the CAL version of DK so please let me know if there is a way.

Eric M.

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Yes, you can adjust the position and orientation of the flange of your robot model. Since you have a Siemens Sinumerik 840D controller you may need to adjust this and other settings manually. To do so, you should simply adjust the Tool pose in the robot parameters menu.

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