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Modifying Mistubishi post processor

Good afternoon,

I am doing a project to control a Mitsubishi RV-2AJ, but I need to modify the post processor in order to complete this project. When I generate the robot program I can see the results of these modifications but, there are things there like I don't need, like the headers for example. My question is, where can I change so only the functions that I need are called to generate the robot program? 

Thank you
Hi Victor,

The following link shows an example to modify a post processor:

In short, you can modify the file located in:
This is the post processor used by default for Misubishi robots. I recommend you to create a copy of this file and rename it to something like because if you update RoboDK the default post processors will get overriden and you'll lose your changes.

In RoboDK, once you have your post processor ready, you can then right click your robot, select "Select Post Processor" and specify the post processor you created.

The following video should give you an overview of the post processors:
More technical information is available here:
Hi Albert, thank you for your reply.

I've done that, and was able to modify the post processor. But my question is, when I click "send program to robot" a temp py file is created, on this file besides the functions of movement I programmed some other functions are called like, the one to write the header. What I want to do is to know how can I change that, when I press "send program to robot" I would like that this py file would call only the functions that I need, and not this template. 

Thank you

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