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Motoman Up-130 running simulation differently than real life.

Hi All,
I am using Robo-dk to generate milling files for a Motoman Up-130 robot with an XRC-2001. After I got the hang of creating a custom robot from Motoman's step files, with much trial and tribulation; i was able to get my simulation generating more or less usable files to run on my robot. At first a big hurdle for me was getting the tool positioned properly in reference to the milling frame. My simulation would show the operation performing well, then i would put it on the robot and the poor thing would go all exorcist cockeyed. I soon figured out this was because my TCP was not correctly set on my controller. I set the TCP correctly and all was well EXCEPT, if i have my Mill frame offset from the Zero of the z axis on the base frame or station frame by say 0mm on the simulation, it will offset by 1000mm in the real robot. I am almost positive my robot dimensions and angles are set properly, I think I've set the user frame on the controller properly but I am  not sure. for the past four days I have been successfully ironing out issues consistently but I am very stuck on this, i would really appreciate some help. I am attaching my station and a photo of the robot running the same program.

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Don't know why the photo did'nt attach but here it is.

Hi Andrew,

I hope you are well.

Let's start with a question, did you create the UP-130 by yourself?
If so, first good job, but second, I don't think you've use the right post-processor.
You've selected a "white" post-processor instead of a "black" one, the white ones are legacy post-processor that are still in RoboDK solely for backward compatibility.
They are not up to date and won't be updated in the future.

Follow this link for more details on the usage of Motoman robots with RoboDK.

The first section will show you how to select one of "black" post-processor available for Motoman.

Let's start with that, I hope it helps.
If not, let me know.

Hi Jeremy, first off I really enjoy your videos and all you and people like Albert do for robotics. My Motoman Up-130 is almost 20 years old, lol. I was in second grade when it was manufatured which I love to think about when im using it, so a legacy post processor is exactly what I need! I did create my URDF using solidworks files provided by Motoman(they have the absolute best customer service). Albert mentioned in an email to me that I was probably using the wrong post processor or I had it set up wrong( at this time I did not know programs had a specific setting for the way they interacted with the post processor. Albert suggested also that I change the post processor program settings to interpret the program as joint moves only or cartesian moves only or something in between.  I would change those settings and my robot did even weirder things. The black post processors do not work at all with my XRC-2001. I use the white one. I solved the simulation problem by making the post processor call the controller set user frame by default as opposed to defaulting on the base frame. Now my setup works great and this particular job is done. Thank you and Albert for all you all do at ROBO-DK, this software is spectacular!
Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your feedback.

Do you have images or the exact error messages when you try loading a program using the Motoman Cartesian post?
Also, if you can share a video of the unexpected robot movements it will help us better understand what's going on.

We can help you better support your controller with our default post processor.


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