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Mounting a camera on robot J1


For evaluation of a specific use case I'm trying to mount a camera on a robot 1st link

I've used the script 'Add_Object_To_Robot' successfully to attach the camera object in the correct place

The problem is when trying to add a coordinate frame to the camera face for transformation calculations/simulation of a camera object.  Apparently, it is not possible to add a reference frame to what is considered the robot itself (or hopefully, only I'm unsuccessful).  It was possible before 'adding' the camera to the robot.

I've tried adding coordinate frames nested under the attached object, but these do not move with the robot.
They did move with the object before adding it to the robot.

Any workarounds? Guides? Ideas?


Hope this GIF helps clarify →

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You might be able to do this with
If you are using a recent version of RoboDK, you can open the plugins (Shift+I) and activate "PluginAttachObject".
Then, with the UI or the API, you can attach the object to a robot joint.

It only works for objects, so you will need to define the frames as children of the object.

Note that this plugin is dynamic and not permanent. You need to mount the arm everytime you start the station / enable the plugin.
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To attach a frame as the child of an object, follow these steps:

1 - Create a frame
2 - Right-click hold and drag -> Drop on the object -> "Move nested"

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