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Moving robot in real-time using RoboDK and the Matlab API

        Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a last year PhD student. Part of my project is to move the real robot (ABB IRB120 M2004) using MATLAB software as our code for generating the tool path is in MATLAB software. As far as I know, robodk software has an ability to connect with MATLAB, then the tool path can be given to the robot from MATLAB Simulink in robodk environments. We need to send the end-effector position to the robot online, not offline. The path of the robot in our case is not known then we need that the robot follows the path that is generating while the robot is moving. For instance, using the MATLAB interface of the robodk software, it is possible to move the robot in the robodk software while generating the end-effector path simultaneously.

I am wondering moving the robot in the robodk environment can be used to move the real robot too or not? In another word, I am wondering instead of moving the robot in the robodk environment, is it possible to move the real robot simultaneously as MATLAB is running? 

Best regards and hope to hear from you soon,

M. R. Chalak Qazani.
Yes, you can move the robot from your Matlab code. This example shows how you can do it in Python:

The code should look almost the same in Matlab code (the API functions have the same name).

Make sure to setup your driver for ABB robots (you can contact us by email so we can send it to you).

I'll move this thread to the API section.

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